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Soft-Touch Enclosures Fit Small Portable Devices

The Witek cases are designed for small portable electronic devices, especially those with cable connections. Typical applications include cable nodes, testing devices, USB interfaces and peripherals, and medical equipment. The enclosures are manufactured with a dual-shot molding technique combining ABS (UL94 HB) with soft-touch TPU, and come in two color combinations of white/light gray and black/dark gray. The design features a deep base section and shallow snap-on lid. Mounting pillars are provided in the base section for PCBs and assemblies. The cases are offered in two standard sizes: 3.149-in. x 2.04-in. x 0.866-in. and 3.543-in. x 1.811-in. x 0.787-in. The side walls are recessed on all four sides for easy location of connectors. As a result, it is possible to drop in a pre-assembled PCB with the connectors already fitted. All that’s required is a rectangular slot in the side wall, rather than a special cutout. Designers can order additional holes for push-buttons, connectors, and controls, plus silk-screen printed legends and logos. The cases can also be molded in alternative colors. Prices start at $10. TEKO ENCLOSURES, Bridgeville, PA. (412) 220-9244.


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