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Solenoid Valve Handles Up To 230 psi

Two dual-position solenoid, air-operated pilot valves have been engineered to accept an extensive range of media up to 230 psi. Claiming the smallest size per Cv of flow (1/4" NPT 1.55 Cv) in the industry, both the 3500 and 3510 valves have a full-flow 1/2" orifice and a quick-connect DIN 43650 coil design for fast installation. Depending on the application, these valves can be configured as normally closed or normally open. The 3510 model has a high-impact composite body for applications requiring a normal pressure range up to 150 psi. This model has an all-composite body porting design with two stainless steel anti-flex rings. Their combined strength is said to make breakage virtually impossible. The 3500 model includes a forged brass body to provide the valve additional strength for applications requiring pressure ranges up to 230 psi. It handles media such as air, inert gases, water, inert fluids, condensation drainage, hot water plumbing, sprinkler systems, and emulsions. The 3510’s composite body can handle jobs requiring up to 150 psi and potable-water (NSF versions) applications.


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