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Solenoid Valves Sip 0.65W

Solenoid Valves Sip 0.65W

The E Series pneumatic solenoid valves reside in cylindrical cases with diameters less than 19 mm and lengths under 50.8 mm. In operation they consume 0.65W. Featuring high-pressure and high-flow capabilities, they are available in multiple two- or three-way configurations including Normally Open, Normally Closed, and multi-purpose and directional control three-way models. The valves offer orifice sizes ranging from 0.81 mm to 1.98 mm and port configurations that include #10-32 straight thread, M5 x 0.8 threads, manifold mount, and bottom under-seat port. GEMS SENSORS & CONTROLS, Plainville, CT. (800) 378-1600.


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