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Solid-State Relays Offer Alternative To Reed Types

In the PS7200 Series of solid-state relays, designers find an alternative to conventional reed-style electromechanical relays. The solid-state devices offer excellent reliability, as well as lower operating power (2 mW to 5 mW typical) and higher switching speeds (10 µs to 50 µs typical). Other benefits include ultra-low capacitance and resistance, higher common-mode rejection, lower crosstalk, lower inductance and superior vibration resistance and heat stability.The PS7200 relays are housed in miniature, 4-pin SOPs with a footprint of 4.5 mm x 7 mm. Their small size allows extremely high packaging density with a potential for overall reductions in end-product size.Other specifications include voltage load of 40V and current load of 100 mA (PS7200A-1A) and 250 mA (PS7200B-1A). Off-state leakage current is 100 nA.


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