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Solid-State Relays Switch Hefty Loads

Solid-State Relays Switch Hefty Loads

Groomed for switching and amplifying actuators, signal inversion, and converting TTL signals, four additions to the MICROOPTO family of opto-couplers or solid-state relays include the MICROOPTO SOLENOID, MICROOPTO 1CO, and two MICROOPTO TTL converter devices. The MICROOPTO SOLENOID controls inductive loads up to 24 Vdc and 10A. It features an integrated current sensor that monitors the output for short circuits and overloads. A high-frequency switch, the MICROOPTO 1CO provides an isolated output that can either repeat or invert its input. The component handles switching frequencies up to 1 kHz with outputs up to 0.5A. Two MICROOPTO TTL models convert to and from 5V TTL signals and higher direct current levels, and standard 24 Vdc. Applications include conversion from sensors with TTL outputs to drive 24VDC powered alarms, or from control systems using 24VDC to drive separate logic modules working with TTL. WEIDMULLER INTERCONNECTIONS INC., Richmond, VA. (800) 849-9343.


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