Electronic Design

SOT-23 Oscillator Runs Gamut From 1 kHz to 20 MHz

The LTC6900, an SOT-23-packaged oscillator, generates any frequency from 1 kHz to 20 MHz. By adding a single 0.1% resistor, the frequency can be accurately set to ±0.6% without the need for a crystal, ceramic resonator, capacitor, or external reference clock. Proprietary circuitry ensures accuracy is maintained over all supply and temperature variations, shifting typically less than 0.05%/V and 0.004%/°C. The supply current for a 3-MHz output signal at 3 V is typically just 500 µA. The LTC6900 is available in a five-lead SOT-23 package over the commercial and industrial temperature ranges. Pricing starts at $1.60 each in 1000-piece

Linear Technology Corp.
www.linear.com; (800) 4-LINEAR

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