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SPDT/DPDT Switch Replaces Shunts

Described as a versatile surface-mount alternative to shunts, the ERG SMJS switch sits on a 0.05" center and can be configured as either a SPDT or DPDT switch. Via a custom or ganged top half, the switch is particularly suited for mounting with pick-and-place equipment and reflow soldering operations. The device has gold-over-nickel-plated beryllium copper contacts, a four-point wiping contact design, positive detent action to ward off shock, and deep V slots for locating and securing probes. Targeted applications include data programming, digital address setting, signal and data line switching, disk drives, and security devices. For more details, contact Alan G. Steiner at ITW SWITCHES, Harwood Heights, IL. (800) 544-3354.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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