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Specialty Sensors Detect Plastic

Designed for level detection applications in the plastics industry, the BCC series sensors feature reliable EMC and ESD immunity, allowing them to detect plastic pellets in a hopper while withstanding environmental interference. The sensors mount on a plastic sight glass or in the hopper for point-level detection. They are also mountable directly in a metal hopper without a reduction in range, a common side-effect for standard capacitive sensors. According to the company, standard capacitive sensors are prone to failure because of the electrostatic discharge frequently found in pellet silos and systems. The BCC series employs a unique laterally-mounted shield that protects the sensors from the metal hopper plus an integrated processor that allows the sensors to detect different types of plastics with no adjustment necessary. TURCK INC., Plymouth, MN. (800) 544-7769.

Company: TURCK INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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