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Spike Suppressor Protects SCSI Bus Lines

Introduced as the industry's first pluggable voltage-spike suppressor for SCSI bus lines, the dataMate Voltage Spike Suppressor contains a series of clamping diodes designed to protect the controller chips found on a SCSI bus. The component limits positive voltage spikes to less than 4.15V and negative spikes to greater than -1.2V at 50 mA. The suppressor is said to remain virtually invisible to the system under normal operating conditions and only becomes active when it detects a voltage spike on a data line. It is a fully-shielded device with low static-power consumption and requires no external power or a SCSI ID. Pricing is under $20 each/100,000 with delivery within three to four weeks. METHODE ELECTRONICS, INC., Chicago, IL. (708) 867-6777.


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