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Spring-Loaded Position Sensors Suit Industrial Gaging And QC Apps

The GHSI 750 series spring-loaded position sensors provide two-wire, loop-powered 4 mA to 20 mA operation. Supporting a wide range of loop supply voltages and with loop resistances up to 800 Ohms, the hermetically sealed, stainless steel sensors are suitable for use in machine tool inspection, go/no/go inspection, and statistical quality control or as part of a closed-loop control system. The sensors consist of a spring-loaded shaft in a precision sleeve bearing and that connects to the core of an LVDT. Measurement repeatability is 0.000025" or better. The probe shaft is extends via a spring exerting a nominal force of 6 oz. to 20 oz. depending upon total range. Available ranges include +2.5 mm to +100 mm. MACRO SENSORS, Pennsauken, NJ. (856) 662-8000.


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