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SPXOs Squeeze ±20-ppm Stability Into 7-By 5-mm Package

Bringing reliability to the forefront, the CFPS-74 simple-packaged crystal oscillators (SPXOs) offer a 15-year all-causes stability of ±20 ppm. Packaged in the industry-standard 7- by 5-mm ceramic surface-mount format, the part can be specified with output frequencies from 1.0 to 156.0 MHz. With high-end stability packed into such a small device, the CFPS-74 suits Stratum-type synchronous digital hierarchy/Sonet timing applications, such as network and transmission equipment. The CFPS-74 operates from a 3.3-V supply, typically drawing between 15 and 40 mA depending on the output frequency specified. An HCMOS output is provided, and tristate capability comes standard. The CFPS-74 SPXOs are rated to 245°C for 10 seconds, suiting them for infrared reflow or standard flow soldering. The CFPS-74 devices cost $1.37 to $3.56 each, depending on quantity. Typical delivery time is within four to six weeks, depending on output frequency.

C-MAC MicroTechnology
www.cmac.com/mt; +44 (0) 1279 824200

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