Electronic Design

Stability Reigns With Compact Current-Sensing Resistors

A new series of ultra-precision, surface-mount, current-sensing resistors features a four-terminal (Kelvin) design and TCR values as low as ±15 ppm/°C. The compact CSM2512 and CSM3637 resistors suit high stability in voltage division and precision current-sensing applications. The CSM2512 features a 1-W power rating over its entire resistance range from 3 to 200 mΩ. The CSM3637 is rated for 3 W from 2 to 10 mΩ and for 2 W from greater than 10 mΩ up to 200 mΩ. The CSM2512 and CSM3637 measure just 0.250 by 0.125 in. and 0.360 by 0.370 in., respectively, with a 0.025-in. height profile. Pricing starts around $2.75, based on tolerance and quantity.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
(610) 407-4800

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