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Stop Switch Line Undergoes Expansion

The company's line of mushroom-head industrial switches for emergency-stop applications now includes both metal and plastic components with either 40-mm or 60-mm operator heads. The offerings also include momentary, maintained pull-to-release, maintained twist-to-release, and maintained twist-key-to-release operators. Suitable for numerous types of industrial and process control applications, they meet either Nema 4 or 4X, and IP65 ratings. For emergency-stop applications, the operators are available in traditional red; for non-urgent applications, several other colors are available. For ease of installation, the switches employ a unique rear-panel locking design and mounting feature. Up to six auxiliary contacts can be added to the operator. For more details, call AUTOMATION SYSTEMS INTERCONNECT INC., Carlisle, PA. (877) 650-5160


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