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Stylish Desktop Enclosures Offer 10.5”/19” Widths

Stylish Desktop Enclosures Offer 10.5”/19” Widths

Pairing a stylish, modern design with functionality and a variety technical attributes, the company’s desktop enclosures target high-end instrumentation applications as well as telecommunications, industrial-control equipment, storage for RAID arrays, multimedia systems, and file servers. The cases are available in anthracite or light grey as standard with no visible fixings. Stackable, they come in 1U, 2U, and 3U heights, 10.5” and 19" widths, and depths of 10.24”, 11.8”, and 15.75”. A tower version is also on tap. Optional features include sealing to IP55, gaskets on the top and bottom covers and corner joints, and ventilated side, bottom, and rear panels. Additionally, a retrofit EMC upgrade kit consisting of tinned copper fingers and EMC front and rear panels increases attenuation to 50 dB at 100 MHz. For further information, contact Tim Armstrong at Verotec Inc., Londonderry, NH. (603) 821-9921.


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