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Subminiature Pressure Transducers Handle 100 To 15,000 psi

Subminiature Pressure Transducers Handle 100 To 15,000 psi

The Model S series of subminiature pressure transducers measure pressure ranges from 100 to 15,000 psi—at 1% accuracy. Developed by Honeywell Sensing and Control, the rugged transducers have a high natural frequency and use a flush diaphragm manufactured from 17-4 PH stainless steel. Temperature-sensitive components inside the transducers allow for temperature compensation (16° to 71°C). Operating temperature ranges from −54° to 149°C. Output power is 2 mV/V. A small electrical zero-balance circuit board is located in the lead wire (approximately 1 by 0.087 in. thick). The board needn’t be the same temperature as the transducer. All transducers contain four active bonded strain gages arranged in a Wheatstone-bridge configuration. Specific applications include engine and transmission test stands, pressure brake testing, and hydraulic sensor testing.


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