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Surface Mount Crystal Fits In Mini Package

A new range of surface mount crystals are housed in micro-miniature packages measuring 4 mm x 2.5 mm x 0.6 mm. Available in the frequency range from 12 to 50 MHz, the X42 series crystals have a gold-plated ceramic base and a seam welded metal lid providing a stable device with very low aging. With a rugged construction, these crystals have high shock and vibration resistance. The series is specifically designed for use in small hand-held communications devices such as PDAs, GPS and Bluetooth products. Frequency stability is from ±5 ppm over the temperature range of -10°C to +60°C and from ±10 ppm over –30°C to +85°C. Specifications include AT-cut fundamental frequencies from 12 to 50 MHz, calibration tolerance at 25°C from ±5 ppm, aging less than ±3 ppm per year at 25°C, drive level of 100 mW maximum, shunt capacitance of 2 pF to 4 pF typical, 5 pF maximum and customer specified load capacitance of 10 pF to 32 pF. Euroquartz Ltd, Crewkerne, Somerset, UK. +44(0) 460 230000


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