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Surface-Mount EMI Suppressors Handle Up To 5A

Available in EIA-standard footprints from 0805 to 1812, a line of surface-mount chip EMI suppressors is able to handle currents ranging from 1500 mA to 5000 mA. Devices able to handle 5000 mA are as small as an 1806 footprint; one 3000-mA suppressor comes in an 0805-size package. Impedances range from 12 ohms to 600 ohms at 100 MHz. Applications for the devices are in portable, space-limited equipment with a requirement for containing electromagnetic interference.The suppressors are suitable for either flow or reflow soldering. Operating temperatures range from -55°C to 125°C; storage temperatures range from -55°C to 105°C. Chips are offered in two types of tape-and-reel packaging: a 178-mm reel with from 1000 to 4000 components/reel, or a 330-mm reel with 10,000 devices. Delivery is from stock to six weeks after receipt of order.

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