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Surface-Mount Encoders Stretch Rotational Life

With a mechanical life of over 100,000 rotations, the e27 surface-mount encoders quadruple the typical lifetime of standard encoders. This ultimately translates into cost savings during a finished product's lifetime. The 12- by 14-mm incremental encoder is available with either 30 or 16 pulses/rotation. Heavily flashed gold contacts ensure reliable encoder switching. The encoders' accurate indexing system has selectable torques of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, or 2.5 Ncm. Pushbutton tactile force can be specified at the standard 6 or 3 Ncm, with a travel distance of 0.5 mm. The encoders can be mounted with other surface-mount components without drilling special holes. They're supplied with the shaft removed, allowing more space during surface-mount soldering. The encoders can withstand solder oven temperatures up to 260°C, and the shaft can be permanently snapped into place after soldering. Pricing starts at $3 each for 100-unit lots. The e27 encoders have a lead time of four weeks.

Elma Electronic Inc.
www.elma.com; (510) 656-3400

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