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Surface-Mount GDT Surge Protectors Guard Broadband Circuits

A series of three-electrode surface-mount gas discharge tube (GDT) surge protection devices are ideal for broadband applications due to their ultra-low capacitance and low insertion and return loss performance. The 2054 series devices, which are available in voltages from 230 V to 470 V, come housed in a 5-mm x 7.2-mm package. RoHS-compliant versions are also available. GTDs help prevent damage from transient disturbances by creating a short-to-ground circuit during conduction. When an electrical surge exceeds the defined breakdown voltage level of the GDT, the device becomes ionized and rapid conduction takes place. After the surge passes and system voltage returns to normal levels, the GDT returns to its high-impedance off state. The 2054 Series is priced from $0.30 to $0.40 in 2700-piece quantities and is available now. BOURNS INC., Riverside, CA. (951) 781-5500.


Company: BOURNS INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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