Electronic Design

Surface-Mount Oscillators Tackle Wideband Networking

Members of the R3390 surface-mount oscillator family meet the frequency, jitter, and stability challenges of advanced wideband networking. The devices have up to a 165-MHz frequency rating, 6-psRMS maximum jitter, and ±20-ppm frequency stability. Users can select frequency stabilities from ±100 to ±20 ppm, with specifications covering the effects of supply and load variations as well as operating temperature from 0°C to 70°C. The R3390-R3399 oscillators operate at 3.3 V ±10% and draw a 3.5- to 16-mA maximum load current. Covering from 500 kHz to 165 MHz, they provide reference signals for Sonet, asynchronous transfer mode, and optical networking systems. They're priced from $2 in OEM quantities, depending on frequency and stability grade.

MF Electronics Corp.
www.mfelectronics.com; (800) 331-1236

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