Electronic Design

Surface-Mount Reed Switches Promote High-Density Design

Meder-MK23-AA series of non-molded, magnetically operated, open-reed proximity switches, developed specifically for surface mounting, will fit applications that require little or no external power to operate. MEDER Electronic’s low-cost MK23 switches can adapt to different pad layouts, and come in a range of glass size, power, switching voltage, switching current, and breakdown voltages. Offering a more compact design than over-molded sensors, they can be designed into any application that requires single- or multi-point position or liquid-level sensing. Switch designs include single pole, single throw (Form A); single pole, double throw (Form C); and multiple lead. Tape-and-reel packaging particularly suits the sensors for pick-and-place automation. Gas metering systems, handheld barcode scanners, security and surveillance equipment, are a few examples of many potential applications.


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