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Surge Protection System Slices Downtime And Maintenance

The Ravoss, a rugged, stand-alone surge protection system, protects an entire facility from all sources of transient over voltage to reduce downtime and maintenance. It integrates Strikesorb SPD modules into a heavy-duty enclosure and meets the requirements of IEC 61643-1 and UL 1449 2nd Edition safety standards without employing internal fuses or thermal disconnection mechanisms. The system successfully passes independent three-cycle testing up to 100,000 symmetrical RMS Amperes. Available in single-phase, split-phase, three-phase wye, and three-phase delta configurations, Rayvoss systems install directly to the internal bus bars to eliminate the voltage drop across a fuse. This approach also provides lower clamping voltages, lower maintenance, and no parts to replace. Operating voltages include 120, 240, 120/208Y, 240/415Y, 277/480Y, 347/600Y, 240D, and 480D. For more information, call RAYCAP INC., Liberty Lake, WA. (877) 455-7737.

Company: RAYCAP INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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