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Surge Suppressor Products Protect High-Voltage SLICs

A line of overvoltage thyristor integrated surge-protector (TISP) telecom products expands customer choices. The new range of gated surge suppressors meets international standards and can help assure compliance for high-voltage SLICs capable of generating ringing voltages of up to 85 VRMS and dual-supply SLICs with battery voltages up to ±90 V.

The buffered gate design of the TISPs reduces the loading on the SLIC supply during overvoltages caused by power cross and induction. Parameters specified allow equipment compliance with Telcordia GR-1089-CORE issue 2 and ITU-T recommendations K.20, K.21, and K.45. Protection has been expanded down to 15 V.

The TISP overvoltage protectors coost $0.80 to $1.00 each. The 15-V TISP telecom protectors cost $0.33 to $0.40 each. The 700-V TISP telecom protectors cost $0.55 for a single configuration and $1.15 for integrated dual configurations.

Bourns Inc.
(909) 781-5500; www.bourns.com

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