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Switches' Stable Contact Construction Provides High Reliability
NKK Switches
(480) 991-0942; fax (480) 998-1435; www.nkkswitches.com

Members of the CW series are low-cost, snap-in rocker switches designed to meet the needs of applications requiring power ratings and aesthetic design. All CW models feature stable, stationary contact construction for high reliability. Front-panel mounting enables labor-saving installation.

The switches are rated for 6 A at 250 V ac for a resistive load. For an inductive load, the PF rating is 0.75 with an insulation resistance of 500 MΩ at 500 V dc. Both the CWSA and the CWSB offer a minimum mechanical life of 30,000 operations. The dielectric strength is 1500 V ac minimum between contacts. The dielectric strength between contacts and case is 3000 V ac minimum. With a polycarbonate rocker, the CW switch features a polyamide switch housing.

The bases of both the CWSA and CWSB are laminated thermosetting sheets. The moveable contacts are silver. The panel opening measures 12.9 by 19.2 mm. The snap-in mounted rockers are UL Recognized and CSA Certified. The CWSA is available in both SPST and SPDT. It features solder-lug or right-angle pc terminations. To enable simplified soldering and wiring, the solder lug has a 1.7- by 2.5-mm terminal hole. The CWSB is available in SPST or DPST. Quick-connect and right-angle PC terminations are available for this model.

For information on pricing and availability, contact the company.

MOSFET Relays Replace Conventional Reed Relays
OMRON Electronics LLC
(800) 55-OMRON; fax (847) 843-8081; www.info.omron.com

Members of a line of MOSFET relays are designed as an alternative to conventional reed filament technology. According to the company, these relays are smaller in size and deliver significantly greater reliability. They feature an expected life of 10 million operations.

The devices feature low power requirements of 3 to 5 mA. These efficient relays also feature low output capacitance and low ON resistance. Their pF × Ω values range from 25 to 30 and down to less than 5. The company claims that these values make the relays performance-competitive with reed relays. They are suited as effective reed replacements and for large-scale testing applications. Also, the MOSFET relays are suited for use in the automated test equipment (ATE) industry. Pricing for individual relays depends on volume and item. For information on pricing and availability, contact the company.

Microminiature Surface-Mount Unit
Features Pushbutton And Slide Switch

(877) 246-7890; fax (978) 372-3534; www.apem.com

In the MMPS101, a single actuator controls both a single-pole/single-throw momentary pushbutton switch and a single-pole/three-throw maintained slide switch. With a tiny package size, this device enables independent control of four separate circuits.

With a low profile, the MMPS101 measures 15.2 by 7 mm. It projects only 2 mm above the pc board. Two keying bosses project from the bottom of the switch along seven surface-mounting solder terminals. This configuration assures integrity against tear-offs from the pc board after installation. The soldering terminals are molded-in for sealing protection during flow soldering. A 5- by 1-mm thick actuator operates the pushbutton switch function with 200-g average force. The slide switch is operated with 275-g average force. The actuator projects 4.5 mm from the switch body in the plane of the pc board. This enables a user to mount the switch with the actuator projecting from the edge of the board in free space. With a maximum initial contact resistance of 70 mΩ, the contact rating is 300 mA at 4 V dc. The device features a dielectric strength of 100 V ac for one minute and an electrical life of 10,000 cycles minimum. The MMPS101 costs $1.04 each in 1000-piece quantities.

Switch Family Includes Custom Solder And Surface-Mount Models
Shogyo International Corp.
(516) 349-5200; fax (516) 349-7744; www.shogyo.com

A line of switches now includes a wider variety of models for use by OEM de-signers and purchasers. Categories include custom pc board, solder, and surface-mount switches.

The company's switch selection now includes miniature toggle, subminiature toggle, sealed miniature toggle, and sealed surface-mount toggle. Rocker switches include miniature pc rocker and paddle, subminiature rocker, sealed subminiature rocker, and power rocker. Pushbutton models include subminiature pushbutton, sealed subminiature pushbutton, sealed surface-mount pushbutton, snap-acting momentary pushbutton, DIP pushbutton, and pushbutton key. Additional models include slide, miniature slide, DIP, and tact.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Molded-Reed Relays Suit Test And Measurement Applications
MEDER Electronic Inc.
(508) 539-0002; fax (508) 539-4088; www.meder.com

The SIL and DIP series molded reed relays feature high-voltage versions in 1-Form-A, 2-Form-A, 1-Form-B, and 1-Form-C packages. Both versions provide high-resistance coils up to 2000 Ω at 12 V dc. They feature up to 4.25-kV dc breakdown voltage. Both versions are offered with an internal diode and magnetic shields. The SIL is also available as a current line sense model.

The SIL and DIP relays suit a wide range of applications, including test and measurement, telecommunications, and security-equipment applications. The devices are UL approved. They provide life expectancies up to 109 cycles switching 5 V at 10 mA, depending on contact form. The relays are fully compatible with auto-insertable production equipment. They can withstand up to a 5-s dwell at a 260°C soldering temperature. The SIL and DIP series molded-reed relays are priced from $0.94 each, depending upon configuration and quantity.

Hall-Effect Sensor Boasts Open-Collector Output For Interfacing
Allegro Microsystems
(508) 853-5000; fax (508) 853-5049; www.allegromicro.com

The ATS660 is a true zero-speed digital differential Hall-effect sensor for the automotive and industrial markets. This sensor is suited for sensing speed and position of fine-pitch targets in demanding transmission and gear-box applications. It features an open-collector output for direct digital interfacing. The ATS660 is available in two highly integrated packages for optimal system integration.

The ATS660 incorporates patented self-calibration circuitry to provide excellent duty-cycle measurement accuracy over an installation air gap greater than 2.5 mm. The self-calibration circuitry nulls out the effect of temperature variation. It also nulls the effect of system and magnet offsets. This results in high immunity to gear eccentricity and wobble. The ATS660 costs $2.00 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Sensor Requires No Power Supply And Eliminates Moving Parts
Exergen Corp.
(617) 923-9900; fax (617) 923-9911; www.exergen.com

The IRt/c .01Z sensor provides an accurate, low-cost means to measure temperatures in difficult applications. This small, lightweight device features easy installation. According to the company, this sensor suits the automotive, printing, packaging, and textile industries.

The IRt/c .01Z is constructed with a high-strength ABS housing and mounting lock nuts. Its small size enables easy installation into tight-spaced temperature-control points. This housing is hermetically sealed and intrinsically safe. The sensor requires no power supply for operation. With no moving parts, this device can operate in the most rugged and harsh environments without maintenance. It's factory-calibrated to match standard thermocouples across the temperature range of −50°F to 550°F. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

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