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Tactile Sensors Flex To Meet Slightest Pressures

A new tactile sensor has been designed to discern the slightest of impressions or pressures on curved and angular surfaces. The C500 is a thin, customizable, 3-wire device using capacitive-based conformable pressure sensors to accurately and reliably quantify applied forces no matter how miniscule. Designed for lab use or to be integrated into OEM systems, the C500 easily bends and forms to intricately shaped objects such as the human hand, robot fingers, tool handles, joystick controls, pedals, helmets, mechanical joints or feet. The sensor utilizes the company’s proprietary ConTacts technology to create less than 1 mm thin discrete tactile sensing elements that integrate the applied tactile pressure over the sensor to provide a measurement of total normal force. Sensor bandwidth is said to reach 1 kHz while still maintaining 99% repeatability and 0.01 psi resolution, though sampling rates greater than 1 kHz can be tested. Standard sensors come in 10, 25, and 50 mm square pads, a well as three pre-molded fingertip shapes. Standard pressure range is 20 psi. Matchbox-sized drive electronics measuring 60 mm x 35 mm x 17 mm, and weighing 25g are easily tucked away, forming a highly portable, adaptable unit. Pricing starts at $895. PRESSURE PROFILE SYSTEMS INC., Los Angeles, CA. (310) 641-8100.


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TAGS: Robotics
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