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Tantalum Chip Capacitors Run At High Temps

Part of Vishay Sprague's Tantamount tantalum capacitor family, the TH3 molded solid tantalum chip capacitors offer high reliability and high-temperature capability. Operating temperature range is -55°C to 150°C (with 50% voltage derating). The capacitance range is 0.33 µF to 100 µF at voltages from 10 V to 50 V. Tolerances of ±20% and ±10% are standard. The devices are available in standard EIA 535BAAC case sizes from A through E, with 100% surge-current testing for case sizes B through E. RoHS-compliant terminations in matte tin or gold are available.

The TH3 series is optimized for a wide variety of automotive uses, including under-hood and on-engine applications such as engine control, fuel injection systems, steer-by-wire, diesel ignition control, and transmission control. They are also suitable for industrial applications related to the control of high-temperature materials and oil exploration sensing systems.

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