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Tantalum Polymer Caps Launch Toward Aerospace Apps

Tantalum Polymer Caps Launch Toward Aerospace Apps

AVX Corp.’s new hermetically sealed tantalum polymer chip capacitors feature low equivalent series resistance (ESR), low derating capabilities, high ripple current, 1.5- to 680-µF capacitance, and 10- to 100-V voltage. Combining those specs with the use of conductive polymer electrodes and hermetic sealing, the TCH series capacitors offer the performance stability required for aerospace and other high-reliability applications. They also enable a significant payload reduction for power supplies, according to the company. The hermetically sealed CTC-21D ceramic cases are filled with inert gasses to eliminate material and performance degradation caused by exposure to high temperature, high humidity, and ambient atmosphere. Operating temperature ranges from −55° to +125°C. The capacitors weigh 2.4 g, and come with either J-lead or standard under-tab terminations.


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