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TEC Breaks Temperature Barriers

Deemed a breakthrough, the OptoCooler HV14 embarks as the industry’s first high-voltage, low-current thin-film thermoelectric cooler (TEC) for laser-diode cooling to achieve a 60°C temperature difference between its cold and hot sides. The module can pump up to 1.5W of heat at +85°C and operates at a maximum voltage of 2.7V with a maximum current of around 1A. It measures 2.8 mm x 2.8 mm and can integrate cooling and temperature control functionality directly into a package during assembly. According to the company, breaking the 60°C ?T barrier raises the bar in terms of improved efficiencies and lower operating costs. Devices with higher ?Ts require less operating power to achieve the desired cooling effect, which is significant for achieving greener environments. Pricing for the OptoCooler HV14 is available upon request. NEXTREME THERMAL SOLUTIONS INC., Durham, NC. (919) 597-7300.


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