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Technology Enhances Navigation

The Ergo-NAV 360°C and N-way variable-rate pointing and navigation disk devices promise to significantly enhance handheld and portable device functionality and capabilities. The technology combines an electrically variable resistive rubber sensor, simple plastic components, mechanical design geometries, and a firmware algorithm. When users deflect an actuator, it translates motion and rolls in two dimensions on a circular, resistive sensing element that defines a contact location on a circular PCB contact pad. The position of the actuator is determined via the algorithm, and the analog output can be digitized and conditioned by standard processors. Components are available with 360° or N-way variable-speed control with center select. A simple electrical interface is received through five GPIOs and emitted through an 8-bit a/d converter. It requires 8-bit support by way of a standard processor or additional processors when employing I2C, PS2, UART, or SPE interfaces. ITT INDUSTRIES, CANNON, Santa Ana, CA. (714) 557-4700.


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