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Telecom Overvoltage Protectors Comply With FCC Part 68

The TISP4xxxLM series is a range of telecom overvoltage protectors in modified TO-92 packaging aimed at cost sensitive through-hole applications. The specially optimized high performance chip is available in 100A, 50A and 35A 10/1000 versions. Each current rating is available in up to 17 different protection voltages between 70V and 400V, enabling the closest possible protection across a range of operating conditions. The TISP4xxxLM series provides symmetrical, bi-directional protection in a compact, two lead variant of the TO-92 package, and is backed by datasheets listing performance against surge standards such as FCC Part 68 and ITU-T K20, K21. Parts are now available in either bulk or tape-and-reel packaging, with an option for formed leads in tape-and-reel form. Pricing for the TISP4xxxLM series protectors ranges from $0.35 to $0.45 each/2,000. BOURNS, INC., Riverside, CA. (909) 781-5500.

Company: BOURNS, INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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