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Temp Sensor Trims Costs, Maintains Accuracy

The company's latest general-purpose temperature sensor promises reliable thermal response, high accuracy, and comes in a rugged, low-cost package. It specifies a standard temperature accuracy of ±0.2°C from 0°C to 70°C. The sensor assembly monitors air temperatures or can be installed in a thermowell for liquid sensing, making it viable for use with standard controllers or data loggers. It features a sturdy construction with a fully potted metal housing that encloses the thermistor element and a plastic molded shell that thermally isolates the assembly and also adds a degree of strain relief. The sensor is available in a variety of thermistor resistance values ranging from 2,252 to 10,000 Ohms and RvT curves plus it comes standard with 10' of AWG#22 PVC cable. Price is approximately $10 each/250. For further information, contact, Devin Brock at SPECTRUM SENSORS & CONTROLS INC., St Marys, PA. (814) 834-1541.


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