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Temperature Probes Fit In Small Spaces

Designed for cramped quarters in applications requiring fast and precise temperature sensing, the LSMN series of miniature temperature probes offers users a range of custom options for use in industries from life sciences to heavy industrial. The probes are available with a 0.035" diameter and 0.25" length or a 0.055" diameter and a 0.125" to 0.375" length. They specify a response accuracy to ±0.1°C and are compatible with YSI 400 and YSI 700 temperature-monitoring instruments. Interchange- able or point-matched tolerances are available in ±0.10°C, ±0.20°C, ±0.25°C, ±0.5°C, ±1.00°C, ±1°%, ±2%, ±5%, and ±10%. Performance characteristics include resistance values of 25°C at 2,252 ohms (LSMN400 Series) and 25°C at 6 kilohms and 30 kilohms (LSMN 700 Series). Other features include AWG 28 kynar insulation or AWG 32 poly/nylon insulation, dissipation constants of 1.5 mW/°C in still air and 10 mW/°C in stirred oil, and intermittent cycling at temperatures from -50°C to 150°C. The probes are available in a variety of lead materials and termination lengths with single-unit prices ranging from $0.41 to $1.41 each. SELCO PRODUCTS CO., Anaheim, CA. (800) 229-2332.


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