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Termination Resistor Runs At 40 GHz

Tt electronics’ IRC Advanced Film Division has developed a microwave/RF termination resistor rated for operation at frequencies up to 40 GHz, giving designers a rugged resistive device specifically designed for transmission-line termination at high frequencies. Designated the MWR series, the microwave chip resistor is an ultra-stable corrosion-resistant device suitable for use in harsh environments. The planar ceramic flip-chip package keeps the resistive element in the same plane as the circuit, minimizing parasitic inductance and capacitance.

The MWR series microwave chip resistors feature resistance values of 50 and 75 Ω with tolerances down to ±1%. The chips have absolute temperature coefficients of resistance (TCRs) to ±25 ppm/°C, noise characteristics of less than –20 dB, and stray distributed capacitance of less than 0.05 pF. Power rating for the chip resistors is 250 mW at 40°C and 125 mW at 70°C, with a maximum operating voltage of 50 V. Operating temperature ranges from –55°C to 100°C.

TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division

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A water-based conductive printing ink technology from Acheson Electronic Materials provides manufacturers of RFID antennas with many production and performance advantages. The technology creates products with a wider scope of processing capability, which is critical for RFID applications. It’s fast drying and highly stable at room temperature. In addition, its low-temperature cure permits the use of low-cost temperature-sensitive substrates such as PET and paper. Visit www.achesonindustries.com for more information.

Atmel’s ATA5567 small-sized 330-bit read/write transponder IDIC with unique ID is optimized for next-generation access-control ISO cards and key fobs. Such products are used as membership cards and in access control systems. The low-frequency transponder can be used worldwide. It’s insensitive to rugged environments. The ATA5567 is extremely small, measuring less than 1 square millimeter, including an optional 75-pF onchip capacitor. Samples are available in wafer, micromodule, or SO8 package forms. Pricing as wafer shipment in 15,000-piece quantities starts at $0.34. Get additional details at www.atmel.com.

G2 Microsystems is working with Microsoft to deliver a low-cost RFID and sensing system. G2 Microsystems has developed an ultra-low-power system-on-a-chip (SoC) that integrates Wi-Fi with RFID technology and sensors, allowing battery-backed devices to sense and report data for up to five years with no incremental infrastructure cost. A device incorporating G2’s SoC can monitor environmental data such as temperature, humidity, and radiation. Microsoft BizTalk RFID provides device abstraction, data filtering, and event handling while enabling G2-based tags to transmit sensor data through a Wi-Fi network to the BizTalk RFID. Learn more at www.g2microsystems.com.

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