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Thermal Circuit Breaker Effective To 40A

A new economical thermal circuit breaker has been designed for applications requiring circuit protection in the 5A to 40A range. The P&B W54 series cannot be manually tripped, so unintentional interruptions are minimized. A pushbutton doubles as the reset mechanism and the indicator when the circuit breaker has been tripped. There are a number of optional nameplates and mounting hardware arrangements. The device is suited for a wide range of applications in household appliances, office machines and industrial equipment. Quick connect tabs measuring .250" and #8-32 screws are available for wire termination. Several mounting arrangements are available, too, with M11 x 1.0 thread and 3/8"-24 UNF thread the standard offerings. P&B W54 circuit breakers will continuously carry 100% of their rated capacity and may trip between 101% and 134% of their capacity. At 135% of rated capacity, the circuit breaker is designed to trip within one hour. Trip time at 200% is 5.0 to 40 sec. The circuit breakers have an interrupt capacity of 1,000A per UL 1077 and have a resettable overload capacity of 10 times the rated current. Reset time is rated at 60 sec. A 20A P&B W54 circuit breaker with quick connect terminals and mounting hardware is priced as low as $0.89 each/10,000. TYCO ELECTRONICS, Harrisburg, PA. (800) 522-6752.


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