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Thermal Printer Takes Shelter In Kiosks

Label, bar-code, point-of-sale, gaming and gas-tank level sensing kiosk applications are all possibilities for the KSM Series Speed Module, a compact, lightweight thermal printer sub-assembly. The unit measures 2.95" wide x 5.05" deep x 6" tall and weighs just 2.5 lb. It offers high print resolution of 8 dots/mm, high print speeds of 75 mm/s or 6.75 cps, and consumes 1.8A to 4.3A maximum at 24 vdc.Three models are offered with paper widths of 60 mm, 80 mm, or 112 mm. Other features include a 2" paper roll, paper advance, cutter activation, and error and paper-out indicators. There's also a full range of options including full- or partial-width cutting capability and automatic or manual paper loading.

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