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Thermal Printer/Cutters Live Long & Save Space

A series of high-speed thermal printer mechanisms with miniature guillotine cutters is said to offer longer life, smaller size and lighter weight than the firm’s conventional models. The FTP Series printers are 24 vdc units in 2” and 3” widths. They’re said to consume about 25% less volume than their predecessors and weigh from 20 to 50 grams less.Despite their reduced size, the units provide a maximum print speed of 80 mm/s (640 dot lines per second) at peak current of 1.2A to 1.5A, a 25% printing ratio, and 203-dpi (8 dots/mm) resolution. In addition, the printers’ cutter driving mechanisms offer lifespans of 500,000 cuts, which is 67% longer than the earlier models.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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