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Thermostatic Controller Enhances TEAs

Thermostatic Controller Enhances TEAs

Microcontroller-based, the Q Series thermostatic controller adds integrated temperature control to thermoelectric assemblies (TEAs), functioning as a single directional unit that offers heating or cooling temperature control to the device. Products in the series include the TC-18-QC-50 and TC-18-QE-50. Programming of advanced controller options and features are available to meet unique configurations and all programming is conducted in-house by the company. Features include alarm shutoff, upper and lower temperature limits, upper and lower voltage limits, and tachometer limits. Temperature set points range from -20°C to +50°C and are adjustable with an internal or external potentiometer. The controller operates in one of three temperature-regulation modes: on/off, PWM, or proportional. LAIRD TECHNOLOGIES THERMAL PRODUCTS, Cleveland, OH. (888) 246-9050.
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