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Thick-Film Chip Resistors Span 0.1 To 1000 Gohms

Designers are always hunting for a high-value resistor chip for instrumentation and calibration applications, high-voltage regulation, power switching, RF/microwave circuits, and power supplies. The IMS thick-film single-sided chip resistor line from International Manufacturing Services could end that hunt, with values of 0.1 to 1000 GΩ. The resistors come in line sizes that range from 0.030 by 0.020 in. to 0.250 by 0.120 in. (sizes 008, 009, 010, 014, 017, H09, and H15).

Terminations for the IMS chip resistors include gold, platinum, silver, and platinum silver with 62/36/2 solder coating. The termination methods may also be specified as wire bonding, soldering, and epoxy bonding. The resistance tolerances are within ±1%. Power ratings range from 30 to 500 mW, and working-voltage ratings go from 40 to 350 V dc.

Bulk packaging is standard, with tape-and-reel forms also available. Pricing ranges from $0.57 to $1.40 per 1000-piece quantities, based on resistance value and chip size.

International Manufacturing Services
www.ims-resistors.com (401) 683-9700

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