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Thin ELDCs Achieve 3.0 V

Thin ELDCs Achieve 3.0 V

High-output electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs) developed by ROHM Semiconductor feature 3.0 V and an internal resistance of 25 mΩ at 0.7 F. The VR series includes high-voltage, low-resistance types, while the SR series includes low-resistance devices.  Soon to available is the high-temperature VT series.  A surface treatment for the collector electrode enabled the 25-mΩ internal resistance.  The surface processing method eliminates interfacial resistance (a primary resistance factor). It’s combined with a reformulated binder material and high-temperature processes, resulting in improved binding characteristics with active materials. Packaging is made of a thin aluminum laminate, making for higher output. The devices are expected to serve as backup power supplies for memory and microcontrollers in control devices (e.g., smart meters) and as auxiliary power supplies for flash in digital cameras and camcorders.


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