Electronic Design

Thin-Film Chip Resistors Fill The Bill For RF Tasks

The RF series 0402 thin-film chip resistors provide low return loss in frequency ranges to 16 GHz. The devices' high frequency and compact, lightweight design makes them highly effective in critical RF and microwave applications. The resistors feature an ultra-miniature case size of just 0.040 by 0.025 in. A broad selection of termination styles is available. Other high-frequency resistive products in this line include terminations and attenuators in frequency ranges as high as 20 GHz. The resistors are rigorously tested and screened for reliability. In production quantities, the RF series 0402 resistors start at $1 each. They are available for delivery within 12 to 14 weeks.

State of the Art Inc.
www.resistor.com; (800) 458-3401

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