Three-Axis 200-g MEMS Accelerometer Handles Sudden High-Magnitude Forces

Three-Axis 200-g MEMS Accelerometer Handles Sudden High-Magnitude Forces

Analog Devices’ ADXL375 three-axis digital MEMS accelerometer continuously measures the duration and magnitude of impact or shock events within the range of ±200 g without saturation. It’s targeted for applications subject to sudden, high-magnitude forces. In fact, it’s been designed into the newest generation of the Blast Gauge, a body-worn blast detection system developed by BlackBox Biometrics. The device consumes 140 µA at a full bandwidth up to 1600 Hz, delivering twice the sampling rate of competing sensors, according to the company. An integrated memory-management system consists of a 32-level FIFO memory. It includes low-power modes that can be used to set impact thresholds, store data, and lower overall power consumption by offloading those functions from the host processor. The sensor will find homes in low- and high-powered wireless sensor networks employed in concussion detection, transportation, asset tracking, etc.


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