Electronic Design

Through-Hole Signal Relay Measures 10.6 By 7.2 By 5.2 mm

Thanks to its 10.6- by 7.2- by 5.2-mm size, the ultraminiature FTR-B3 through-hole, flat relay facilitates increased packaging density in compact equipment. Thanks to the use of heat-resistant materials in its construction, the part withstands both infrared and vapor phase soldering processes. The relay has a minimum insulation distance of 1.6 mm between coil and contacts, a 1.5-kV ac coil withstand voltage, and a 2.5-kV coil contact withstand surge voltage. It operates at temperatures ranging from −40°C to 85°C. Use of a highly efficient polar electromagnet yields nominal coil power consumption of just 140 mW. Surface-mount models can also be ordered. Available immediately, the FTR-B3 relay (4.5-V coil, nonlatching version) costs $2.50 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

Fujitsu Components America
www.fcai.fujitsu.com; (800) 380-0059

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