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Timers Keep Operating After Power Interruption

Two timers provide a true-off function to allow a process or operation to restart or switch over to a second power supply source and then continue operation of the equipment. KOP 119 and KOP 219 timers are intended for use in applications where installations must be protected against partial or complete interruptions of the power supply. The true-off function is a delayed release with continued timing even in the absence of the supply voltage. Applications include commercial refrigeration, water treatment, HVAC, conveyors, and various pumps, fans, and valves. Multiple time delays span four ranges from 0.1 second to 10 minutes with recovery. The timers can operate from multiple supply voltages of 24 to 240 vac/vdc with the use of only two terminals and nothing to program nor to switch. Units detect and switch to the present power supply.


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