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Tiny 1.3-Mpixel Image Sensor Includes Spot Metering

The ADCC-3100 from Avago Technologies is a 1/5-inch optical format, 1.3-Mpixel small form factor (SFF) CMOS image sensor with advanced image processing, including spot metering capabilities. SFF CMOS sensors pack high image quality in a smaller package and enable handset OEMs and camera module assemblers to upgrade VGA camera phones or develop ultra-thin camera phones.

Until recently, camera phones had followed a similar trend to that of digital-still cameras: moving toward higher resolution with expectations of improvement in image quality. With higher resolution come unique challenges in a handset environment, such as more complexity, cost, and size constraints. Avago introduced the ADCC-3100 SFF sensor to address the requirements of higher image quality with the same resolution available in a smaller size.

The ADCC-3100 captures more light with fewer pixels, enabling a thinner phone design. Its on-chip image processing eliminates the need for a companion chip while reducing system processing overhead, design complexity, and time to market. Smaller than the tip of a pencil’s eraser, the ADCC-3100 fits easily into a tiny 6.0 mm by 6.0 mm by 4.5 mm low-profile camera module (see photo).

At the heart of the ADCC-3100 is Avago’s EP pixel and array architecture and I-Pipe processing. EP reduces dark current and noise, and reduces lens shading effects to offer low-light CMOS sensor performance that rivals CCD sensors. With 2.2 micron by 2.2 micron pixels, the ADCC-3100’s 3D pixel e-field shaping makes each pixel ultra light sensitive. The product extends pixel sensitivity through powerful 8-by-8 pixel binning.

The company’s eighth-generation I-Pipe delivers high quality images, auto thumbnails, and fast reload to avoid missing shots. It also features fast auto focus, dual flash support, shutter lag amelioration, and an auto illuminant detector using second-generation plausible illuminant. The ADCC-3100 sensor is capable of 15 frames per second at full 1280-by-1024 pixel SXGA resolution, and 30 frames per second in 640-by-480 pixel VGA mode. The ADCC-3100 CMOS camera-on-a-chip is sampling now.

Avago Technologies

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