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Tiny Connectors Link Wires And Leaded Components

0705EDEproductnewsAVX-AUherské Hradiště-Mařatice, Czech Republic: The 9286 connector system from AVX promises a simple and reusable method for connecting discrete wires and leaded components (see the figure). Compared to other WTW through wire connectors, the 9286 series supports smaller wire gauges of 18AWG to 26AWG with up to eight-pin connectors. The connectors also are reusable and feature the smallest profile in the industry, plus the smallest pitch at only 4.00 mm, according to AVX.

The 9286 series’ simple push-button activation allows for stripped solid or stranded wire to be easily inserted and removed or replaced. Different wire gauges can be connected within a single unit, and the BeCu contact system provides long-term reliability. The robust design can withstand harsh environments, with an operating temperature range of –40°C to 125°C and an 8-A current rating.


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