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Tiny Power Relay Conforms To European Standards

A minimum 8-mm creepage and air distance between coil and contacts enables the NAiS DE miniature power relay to meet the VDE0631 European standard. The relays are offered in 1 Form A, 1A1B and 2 Form A contact configurations and provide nominal operating power at 200 mW for single side stable and two-coil latching types; 100 mW for single-coil latching types. Nominal switching capacity is 10A, 250 vac and 10A, 30 vdc for 1 Form A relays. Surge voltage between contact and coil is a minimum of 12 kV initial. Dimensions are 12.5 mm wide x 25 mm long x 12.5 mm high.The relays are specially designed to meet European standards for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning applications (VDE0631), home appliances (VDE0700, 0860 and IEC335) and office and factory automation equipment (VDE0805, IEC950 and EN60950).


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