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TPMOV Protects And Monitors Sensitive Equipment

Engineered to minimize the failure characteristics of traditional MOVs, the Thermally Protected Metal-Oxide Varistor (TPMOV) has a unique design composed of a voltage clamping device (MOV), visual and remote isolation indication, and a disconnecting apparatus that constantly monitors the thermal status of the metal-oxide disk. This architecture is said to allow the TPMOV to withstand up to 40 kA of 8/20 µs surge current, while also providing quick disconnection from system power in the event that the MOV disk has been degraded.
The device also claims to reduce the number of series components typically used to safeguard electronics from the failure mode of traditional MOVs. Available immediately, the TPMOV offers maximum continuing operating voltage ratings from 150 Vac to 550 Vac.


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