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Trackballs Handle Industrial Abuse

Aimed at rugged applications, a line of industrial duty trackballs range in ball size from 2.25" in diameter down to 1.375" in diameter. The Models TBS225 and TBS200 have 2.25" and 2" ball diameters, respectively, and are fully enclosed and mount to the underside of a console. These models employ Teflon ball seals for environmental protection. The smaller Model TBP138 is a snap-in, front-panel mount component targeting portable products where a low profile is required. Suitable applications for the trackballs include video-editing machines, design workstations, medical imaging systems, machine tool controls, placement equipment controls, navigation controls, and robotic positioning systems. For more information and prices, contact BEI TECHNOLOGIES INC., Goleta, CA. (800) 350-2727.


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TAGS: Robotics
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