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Transducer Delivers Louder Audio Alerts

Employing a unique ceramic process that deposits crystals on both sides of the metal bender allows the Series TRPB audio transducers to operate with higher voltages, thereby enabling higher sound-pressure levels. The components handle drive voltages in excess of 60 Vdc at 40 mA maximum, producing an output of over 100 dBA at a frequency of 2.5 kHz ±500 Hz. They are housed in black thermoplastic cases with a diameter of 45 mm and a depth of 13.5 mm. Mounting is via PC pins and custom units are available with or without feedback and with special terminations and package configurations. Pricing starts at $0.70 each/1,000. TRANSDUCERS USA, Elk Grove Village, IL. (888) 921-6400.


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