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Tri-Axis Acceleration Sensor Sports 125-µg Sensitivity

Tri-Axis Acceleration Sensor Sports 125-µg Sensitivity

The JoyWarrior24F14 USB-connected, three-axis acceleration sensor specifies a sensitivity of 125 μg. Based on a MEMS sensor, it measures with 14-bit resolution across ranges of ±1g, ±1.5g, ±2g, ±3g, ±4g, ±8g, or ±16g, delivering 125 results per second. Since JoyWarrior24F14 enumerates and works as a joystick, accessing the data can be easily done via the operating system's joystick API without installing any specific drivers. Included software operates on Windows and MacOS X platforms and contains a configuration tool to set the sensor parameters with tilt angle measuring, a calibration tool, and a simple data recorder. Price for the JoyWarrior24F14 starts at $37.40 each. SAELIG CO., Pittsford, NY. (888) 772-3544.

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